Author: Jimmy Flood

North Korea Mini-Blog (Jimmy Flood)

Just a mini-update for anybody prowling this blog right now. The condition of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is questionable, with a Japanese newspaper reporting that he is in a vegetative state and a Chinese News Executive claiming he is dead. Apparently China has sent a medical team to see to his well-being after undergoing heart surgery. This… Read more →

The Significance of the Postponing of the Tokyo Olympics (Jimmy Flood)

     To call our current global situation unprecedented would be an understatement. Though the human race has faced pandemics before, the COVID-19 Pandemic has introduced social disruptions that many younger and older people alike have never experienced. Just one example comes from the postponement of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo to 2021.      The Olympics is arguably… Read more →

COVID-19 in Japan and the Koreas (Jimmy Flood)

    As the novel Coronavirus strain (COVID-19) could be on its way to global pandemic status, the economic and social impacts are being felt particularly hard in Japan and the two Koreas.     In Japan, the economic toll is putting additional strain on an already weakening economy (partially caused by its aging population) feeling the impacts of a… Read more →

Japan and its Aging Population (Jimmy Flood)

     Japan is facing an uncertain future, its population in a simultaneous continuous decline and rapid aging. “Japan’s population has been shrinking since 2007” (RealClearPolitics) in tandem with a predicted decrease in younger age groups and further increase in the 65+ segment of the population. (National Interest). The difference between the number of babies born and the number of… Read more →