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COVID-19 and Immigration Rights in New Zealand

With everything that is going on in the world amongst the COVID-19 outbreak and crisis, it is easy to focus on our personal needs. However, during this time it is essential that we ensure the safety and well being of the most vulnerable. This includes minority communities, the homeless, and immigrants. As previously discussed, New Zealand has controversial immigration policies,… Read more →

New Zealand’s Integration of Immigrants

This week I looked more into programs that support the integration of immigrants in Oceania. Specifically the “Integration of Immigrants Programme” which was led by a multi-disciplinary research team and lasted from 2007-2012. Their research attempted to understand the economic integration of immigrants into New Zealand society, specifically, “how immigrant employees and business owners utilize their skills and experience as… Read more →

Australia + Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery

Rather than focusing on immigration policy, this week I wanted to look into human trafficking and modern slavery in Australia. Modern slavery is a term used to referred to people who work involuntarily and under threat of a penalty. Human trafficking is recruiting and transporting people for exploitation. In August of 2019 Australia joined the United Nations’ Blue Heart Campaign,… Read more →

Australia’s Refugee Policy

Emma Harrison Region: Australia + Pacific Islands Topic: Human Traffic (immigrants, refugees)    Blog #1: Australia’s Out-dated Refugee Policy  In a global climate where immigration, refugees, and trafficking are such pressing issues, one of the world’s most powerful countries’ immigration policies is unlawful, verging on inhumane. Established in the 1990s, Australia’s mandatory detention policy requires anyone who enters the Australian… Read more →