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China ignores human rights but is rewarded a position on the U.N. Human Rights Council

Carina Korcel   Earlier this week, China was appointed to a panel on the U.N. Human Rights Council.  They now have a critical role in picking at least 17 human rights investigators which is really disturbing considering their track record of systematic human rights abuse.  This abuse is also believed by some to have fueled the coronavirus pandemic.  They handled… Read more →

How Nations Can Combat the Economic Strong Arm of China by: Carina Korcel

China has been executing a strategic move to avoid “international condemnation” of its human rights violations.  Unbeknownst to many, however, China has now implemented this strategy to “undermine human-rights protections at the global level, too.”  They employ an economic strong arm, its “immense economic power” and “international clout” to achieve this immoral outcome.  They have “helped many predominantly Muslim countries… Read more →

Silencing an Informer of Coronavirus in China

Freedom of speech – the right to express your opinion without government restraint — is one of the most fundamental human rights (  It has also been one of the most commonly violated human rights in China.  Similar to the “state of emergency” discussion from lecture, China uses the “protection of state secrets” and “subversion of state power” clauses in… Read more →

Cultural Genocide of Uyghurs in China

In Xinjiang, China, the Cultural Revolution never really ended. Uyghurs, a minority Muslim group in Xinjiang, and other Muslims are being detained and put into what human rights groups call “modern day concentration camps”. Chinese officials call these places of mass detention, torture, and mistreatment “education and vocation centers”.  Inmates learn lessons in “law and culture, Mandarin, and skills like… Read more →