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Social Consequences of the Coronavirus by Ben Ke

One of the unfortunate, global consequences brought about by the coronavirus epidemic is the increased xenophobia directed toward Chinese people and people perceived to be Chinese. Out in public, people of Asian descent have been harrassed on baseless claims that they are sick or are responsible for the epidemic. In New Jersey, an 11-year-old student was reported to say “You’re… Read more →

Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus by Ben Ke

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, global stock markets have been falling each day over the last week, amounting to the worst decline since the global financial crisis in 2008 (He). The virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica since Wednesday, February 26 when Brazil confirmed its first case involving a 61 year old man who travelled back from… Read more →

Coronavirus in China, 2020 by Ben Ke

The recent emergence of a new coronavirus epidemic caused by COVID-19 closely mirrors the past SARS outbreak in 2003. Both diseases have appeared to originate from wildlife markets in China with the SARS virus likely first spread from bats and the novel coronavirus thought to have initially been carried by pangolins (Cyranoski). However, the death toll has already risen above… Read more →

Coronavirus in China, 2002 by Ben Ke

In a Chinese animal market that sells a variety of meats like snakes, turtles, and badgers, a coronavirus thrives within the cramped and dirty stalls and kitchens. However, rather than describing the ongoing outbreak centered in Wuhan, this scene is referring to the SARS outbreak that occurred 18 years. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is also caused by a coronavirus and… Read more →