Author: Alex Schattner

Blog Post #4 – Coronavirus Wrecks Havoc on Unemployment and Small Businesses

As China’s economy continues to struggle due to uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment continues to rise in mainland China and thousands of small-businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. The cumulative effects of these problems will seriously impact China’s GDP and scars will remain long after this pandemic is over. Since the beginning of the pandemic in… Read more →

Blog Post #3 – Decrease in China’s Economic Growth Attributable to Low Birth Rates – Alex Schattner

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the Chinese economy grew at its lowest rate since 1990 and many experts believe that this can be attributed to the decreasing birth rates in China. Although the 6.1% growth in China’s GDP is decent, especially for a country in the emerging market, it is nothing compared to the impressive growth… Read more →

Alex Schattner Blog Post #2: New Development in US-China Trade War

At the beginning of February, the Chinese government announced that it will begin plans to halve some of the tariffs on U.S. imports. According to the Chinese government, this is only the beginning and represents only the first phase of the new trade deals with the Trump administration (Lockett). This announcement sparked a rally in the global stock market and… Read more →

Alex Schattner Blog Post #1: Coronavirus and its Effects on the Chinese Financial Markets

Although it is common knowledge that Coronavirus is a serious health concern in China, it also poses a serious financial concern in Chinese stock market. According to Patrick Mathurin of the Financial Times, “Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index, the first Chinese market to reopen following the lunar new year long weekend, fell as much as 3 per cent on Wednesday… Read more →