Author: am3ne

A Critique of Enrique Peña Nieto’s Failed Education Initiative

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s previous president, centered his candidacy as president around a education “reform programme that would revolutionize the country’s education system, improve standards, tame an all-powerful teachers’ union and crack down on rampant corruption – such as wages for non-existent ‘ghost teachers’” However, as his presidency term came to an end, there was no significant change. How so?… Read more →

Methods of Education-Based Intervention within Latin America (Angel Martinez)

At a time of slow economic growth, it’s important to recognize that lower-income Latin American countries would have difficulty addressing the issue of education quality/equity due to financial constraints. However, Improving the quality of education in Latin American countries will be met with limited success if we simply provide schools with technological advancements.  Therefore, to be most effective in bringing… Read more →

Poverty and Education Inequality in Latin America (Angel Martinez)

In Latin America, countries such as Mexico and Peru have made strides to improve their education systems. One of these include minimizing their gender gap. When viewing statistics for the net attendance rate, literacy rate, and primary school completion, these countries have managed to make education equal for men and women with only differences being no greater than a percentage… Read more →