Author: Allie Clarke

Kurdistan’s Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

In Kurdistan, the reported number of cases of COVID-19 is remarkably low due to precautions taken in late February to block off access to the region for non-residents. This is especially notable considering the high number of cases in Iran, Kurdistan’s neighbor to the east, that did not handle concerns over the virus as seriously and now has at least 70,000… Read more →

Yazidis in Syria: Persecution of an Ethnoreligious Minority

The Yazidi people are a small, monotheistic ethnoreligious minority who have lived primarily in the Nineveh Province of Iraq and the Al-Jazira region of Syria for centuries (MERI). Although the Yazidi people practice monotheism, their religion has been long misunderstood by members of other religions. One of the central figures in the Yazidi faith, Melek Taus, or the “Peacock Angel” in… Read more →

Turkish Violence Against the Kurds

As an ethnic minority divided amongst multiple countries, the Kurds frequently face harsh discrimination. Recently in Turkey, Kurds have also been increasingly targeted as victims of brutality and military force (Independent). Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, views the Kurds as serious political opposition due to their desire to separate from Turkey and form their own nation-state (Washington Post). The… Read more →

The Kurds: Stranded without a Nation

The Kurds are the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East, with estimates somewhere between 36 million and 45 million people, but exist without a nation (IKP). The Kurds were not granted their own nation state in the post World War I division of the Ottoman Empire, leaving them separated across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran (BBC). Despite their geographic… Read more →