How to Post: Look on the menu at the top of the blog, hover over “New,” and click “Post.” Give your post a title, and add your text to the text box. It would be great if you could also add Categories and Tags. To add your categories (your Region and Topic), find Categories in the right-hand menu and put check boxes next to your Region and Topic. To add tags, look at the right-hand menu, scroll down to Tags, and type any tags relevant to the content of your post. If you have any questions, you can email galvin@virginia.edu.

On blogging: For your five blog entries, you should select a Region and Topic that you will research and write about, during the full length of the semester.   Give yourself time to make a choice, and of course we’re happy to discuss your decision with you. Once you have settled on a Topic+Region, then you should stay with it for all of your blogging. At least twice in the semester, you should engage with a blog written by someone else in the course, preferably providing a link to the material that you’re referencing.   Each blog entry should be roughly 250 words. Over the course of the semester, there should be a rough balance between evidence (examples or data) and analysis (carefully proposed interpretations and conclusions based on evidence).  Please properly acknowledge and link to any sources you draw from for your evidence or ideas.  You are welcome to refer to the course readings, but this is not required. Also, if you enjoy and profit from blog exchange with others, we welcome, though do not at all require, your use of the comments function to engage in further conversations about posts that interest you, so long as the discussion remains courteous and on topic. The final blog compilation involves writing a one-page introduction and one-page conclusion to the earlier blog entries, which should be adjusted to work together.