Blog Entry 1: Middle East – Israel/Palestine

Israel and Palestine have contested land between them since the creation of Israel in 1948. The two regions are separated by different cultures, languages, religions, and a military and wealth disparity. At best, the relationship is strained. At worst, it is all out war. The few years have seen rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza and Israel responding with a ground invasion, which means that the issue is still very much contested.


The most recent initiative, titled as “Vision for Peace, Prosperity and a Brighter Future”, has been introduced by the Trump administration with Israeli support. At its essence, it proposes the transferring of Jerusalem and several west bank territories over to Israeli control in exchange for their recognition for the state of Palestine.


This move is seen as wildly biased towards Israel. The Trump administration has previously elected to recognize the capital of Israel as Jerusalem, sparking a resolution in which declared the move “null and void” by a margin of 128 to 9. Additionally, recognizing Palestine as a state also comes with the caveat that the international refugee status the Palestinians currently have would cease, though they would not have the right of return. The onus is placed on neighboring Arab countries to absorb the Palestinians as their own citizens.


Unsurprisingly, the proposal was soundly rejected not only by Mahmoud Abbas (leader of Palestine), but also by Iran, Turkey, with mixed reactions from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. It remains to be seen what will happen with a proposal that was rejected almost before it was even proposed.


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