Australia’s Refugee Detention Centers Ignore COVID-19 Concerns | Hannah Ownby

As the novel Coronavirus continues it’s deadly spread around the globe, refugees imprisoned in Australia’s detention centers fear the worst. Many refugees have been trapped in Australia’s immigration detention program for many years. While many of them were released from the horrifying conditions in the offshore island centers like Manus and Nauru, they are still being subjected to inhumane treatment… Read more →

Transactional Sex in Sub Saharan Africa

It is no secret that transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities have been frowned upon. In fact, there are many outreach and non-profit groups all over the continent that have dedicated themselves to combating this phenomenon and teaching students safer sex practices. Although these groups are doing good and necessary work, they are not necessarily attacking the root of the… Read more →

Blog Post 3- Transactional relationships in Sub-Saharan African universities

Another under-looked contribution to student knowingly engaging in these transactional relationships is the family structure and family support in the life of the student. Many studies in Africa and globally have documented the influence of family structure on youth and adolescents’ outcomes, such as academic achievement, health and well-being, but less have been dedicated (especially in Africa) to how it… Read more →

Indigenous Australians as Tourists – Meimei Xu

Going off of my previous blog posts, what about indigenous Australians as tourists themselves? In a sector focused mostly on the movement of privileged bodies, where does that put indigenous tourists? Historically, the purpose of indigenous travel within Australia prior to colonization was largely guided by social and spiritual responsibilities to enact relationships between the indigenous groups (Peters and Higgins-Desbiolles)… Read more →

Television and Film in Sub-Saharan Africa by Myles Darby

Additionally, another medium of large influence has been television. Television originated in sub-Saharan Africa in the late 1950s. While it was mainly used for entertainment, it contrasts to America in the fact that television isn’t a popular medium. One of the reasons for this centers around the fact that it is a media inaccessible to many, and “remains a symbol… Read more →

Radio in Sub-Saharan Africa by Myles Darby

Another medium that colonialism and neo colonialism have been exercised through, has been the radio. Unlike print media, radio was introduced much later in sub-Saharan Africa, in the 1920s. Once radio became more developed, the British and French began to exploit this medium, like the radio, and used it as a means to assimilate the Africans. However, this colonization was… Read more →

Ambient Air Pollution Increases COVID Lethality In SSA

As COVID 19 continues to infect localities around the globe, recent findings suggest that chronic exposure to air pollution can decrease one’s ability to survive the disease. The report has attracted special concern for urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa: here, levels of ambient air pollution are among the highest in the world. Combined with dense living arrangements and thin healthcare… Read more →

Locusts Swarms Threaten Eastern Africa

Billions of locusts are swarming throughout Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. It is the worst outbreak in over quarter century, and farming productivity is severely endangered as hundreds of acres are devoured. Government efforts to stockpile pesticides and conduct aerial spraying have so been unsuccessful at containing the swarms, and even as 10 million USD in aid has been distributed from… Read more →

Sustainable Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Brian Wimmer

With the current COVID-19 crisis ravaging the entire world, environmental issues are being sidelined as most resources are being allocated to end the pandemic. However, the world has seen some unintentional benefits of the lockdowns and economic standstill that resulted from the pandemic. Animals are returning to their habitats, pollution rates are going down, less resources for transportation are being… Read more →

North Korea Mini-Blog (Jimmy Flood)

Just a mini-update for anybody prowling this blog right now. The condition of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is questionable, with a Japanese newspaper reporting that he is in a vegetative state and a Chinese News Executive claiming he is dead. Apparently China has sent a medical team to see to his well-being after undergoing heart surgery. This… Read more →